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March 2021 Q&A

Posted by Kevin Martin | Mar 01, 2021 | 0 Comments

QUESTION: Do I need to create a new will if I move to another state?

-Curious Mover


Dear Curious:

Most states will accept a will that was executed properly under another state's laws. However, there could be differences in the new state's laws that make certain provisions in your will invalid. 

Here are a couple things you should review in your will when moving:

Your executor: Consider whether or not the executor you've chosen will be able to serve in that role in your new location. Every state will allow an out-of-state executor to serve, but some states have special requirements for executors, such as requiring them to post a bond. Other states require non-resident executors to appoint an agent who lives within the state to accept legal documents on behalf of the estate.

Marital property: If you are married, consider how your new state treats marital property. While a common-law state might treat the property you own in your name alone as yours, community-property states treat all of your property as owned jointly with your spouse. If your new state treats marital property differently, you might need to draft a new will to ensure your wishes are honored.

If you're moving to a new state, meet with us, as your Personal Family Lawyer®, to have your will and other planning documents reviewed.

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