Estate Tax Protection Attorney in Washington, D.C.

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Uncle Sam’s Share

You spend your whole life-saving money to secure a comfortable retirement and to leave something for your loved ones after you pass away. During your lifetime, you pay miscellaneous income, property, and sales taxes, and even after your death, the government wants to tax you on your remaining assets. This tax is known as the estate tax, also referred to as the “inheritance tax” or “death tax.”

Hiring an estate tax planning attorney is a great step toward protecting your assets and ensuring your family’s future is safe from excessive taxation. My firm can assist you in reducing or altogether avoiding the federal estate tax burden.


Understanding the Estate Tax

The estate tax is separate from federal income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, and other taxes you have paid during your lifetime. The estate tax is based on the net value of all your assets at your death.

However, there are numerous exemptions to the estate tax. It mainly affects high-net-worth individuals and their families. That said, the estate tax rate is a staggering 40% on your net assets. This means that if your estate is subject to the estate tax, it could result in a large sum of money owed to the government before any inheritance is distributed to your heirs.

Protecting Your Assets from Excessive Taxation

The Estate Tax – Is it Your Problem?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, enacted by former President Trump, nearly doubled the exemptions for the estate tax, which means even fewer families will be affected. The estate tax exemption for individuals increased from $5.4 million to $12.06 million, and for married couples, it increased from $12.06 million to $24.12 million. If your estate is valued at less than $12.06 million, you likely do not need to worry about the estate tax.

However, for those affected, numerous estate planning strategies are available to significantly reduce the amount owed. I can advise you on the right options for your family.

There is speculation that the Biden Administration may reduce the estate tax, but nothing has been confirmed. It is crucial to have professional assistance, as the estate tax changes regularly.

Advanced Estate Planning

Families with high-value estates face several complex legal and tax issues, and the estate tax is just one of them. I offer advanced estate planning strategies to reduce a family’s tax burden, including minimizing or eliminating the estate tax. I can also help you leverage gift and generation-skipping taxes to pass assets on to successive generations without risking a tax liability decimating your estate at each generation.

Some of the popular advanced estate planning tools and strategies include:

  • Life insurance trusts
  • Qualified personal residence trusts
  • Grantor-retained annuity trusts
  • Asset protection trusts
  • Dynasty trusts
  • A limited family partnership or limited liability companies
  • Asset gifting

How Can an Estate Tax Attorney Preserve Family Wealth for Generations?

An Estate Tax Attorney plays a pivotal role in preserving family wealth for generations by navigating complex estate taxes and implementing strategic estate plans. In Washington, DC, where tax laws and legal issues can be intricate, having a knowledgeable estate planning attorney is crucial.

They work closely with clients to explore legal options and develop tailored strategies to minimize estate taxes and maximize wealth transfer.

One method employed is real estate tax appeals, which can potentially reduce tax liabilities on properties, thereby preserving more wealth for future generations. The managing partner and attorneys at a reputable law firm in the District of Columbia would be well-versed in local regulations and adept at handling such appeals.

Additionally, a tax attorney can advise on the creation of trusts, charitable donations, and other legal structures to protect assets from excessive taxation.

By addressing potential legal issues proactively and utilizing available legal options, an estate tax attorney ensures the longevity of family wealth.

Preserving Your Family’s Wealth and Legacy

You have worked hard to build your family’s wealth and legacy, and it makes sense to protect these assets after you are gone. This includes protecting your assets from excessive taxes. At your Family Wealth Planning Session, we can discuss how to minimize the tax burden faced by your family and maximize the inheritance you pass on to your loved ones.